Who is Mrs. Cabral

A mom, wife, Aunt, Sister, Student and friend to Many. Happily married to my husband Michael Andrew and often go by MAC's wife after his initials.

I just love mail of any kind(well minus the bills and the junk mail)!Most days we hardly get any good mail, but my plan this year is to change that.My amazing husband created me an Excel spreadsheet to record my outgoing mail by month and type, Example Letter, Postcard, Package, Mailers postmark. I am drawn to bright colors and envelopes that are brightly colored are wonderful.

 Good mail...can be the envelope, the choice of stamps, does it color coordinate, the thought of a letter traveling across the miles to connect two friends is comforting! Yes I have Facebook, Instagram and sure I e-mail, there is just a feeling of excitement and magic about finding a letter in your mailbox.

I never imagined myself with a blog but it's time to share my favorite finds, incoming and outgoing mail, stories, recipes and things that make me smile. I believe there is joy to be found in everyday, including what's in our mailbox. 

I hope, in my own small way, to spread a little love and joy, locally and long distance, one mail piece at a time. That is the reason for my blog , #HappyMail.I hope you will join me on this wonderful journey, traveling from place to place.

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