Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The first Day of A Month of Letters

 What a perfect way to start the month of February and also my new blog. I am super excited! The reason is I am taking part in a Month of Letters which started today. It's very simple. In February, mail an item everyday. Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture, or a cutting from a newspaper every day the mail runs in February. Write back to everyone who writes to you. If you are interested to join us, it's not too late, just head on over to for all the details. I am also following International Correspondence Writing Month at : InCoWriMo

I ended January on 50 mail pieces outgoing. MAC created me an excel spreadsheet ( and I love it, very easy to use), that records the mail by letter, mailer's postmark, postcards and packages. Here is my monthly breakdown for January. I look forward to February. If I sent out 50 every month, that's 600 mail pieces in one year!

From day to day I can never really tell what I will be sending, it depends on what my heart feels and how creative I think I can be. Sometimes, it's a creative paralysis- I don't feel like I can produce anything, and it's frustrating. On the days where I'm not working on mail art, I'll write a simple letter or Postcard. The baby elephant spraying a rainbow was a recent piece created for a friends daughter who turned two in January. I'm quite fond of elephants. I found a drawing from 2015 around the time I first started creating Mail art.

I think that using the artistic parts of my brain- helps me to understand the parts of my life that sometimes I can not logically comprehend. Likewise, there are things that I tend not to be able to express through words- so I use my creative side, of expressing myself. 

I feel everyday is constantly a new learning curve. I'll welcome your suggestions on mail art, or creative projects I could try. 

Anyone like friendship books? I've heard of them and think they would be fun to create and pass on. Small books that are often made by hand. Snail mailers send out these books to each other as sort of a guestbook so their pen pals can sign the books and return them. You know what I mean! So if you would like to receive some FB's from me, please let me know. I will be quite happy to include them with a letter, or send them on their own to a new destination.

So keep up your correspondence, I know I will. It is going to be a fun month watching it unfold.
Incoming 1- outgoing 7. Crushed it!

MAC's Wife.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for creating art and sharing with people around the world. We need more beauty!

    1. @schoedinger- Thanks for your lovely comment. Honestly I couldn't imagine my life without snail mail and bringing a smile to others. it is an amazing feeling to know 'because of me someone smiled'