Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Great Uncle in Germany


I would like to introduce you to my Great-Uncle Helmut who was born in 1938 and lives in Germany. I am feeling wonderful. Today I received an e-mail from Helmut, my grandmother Erna's brother. I am a genealogy enthusiast. Helmut said it is nice that I am interested in my German relatives and if they can help, they would like to fill the gaps in the family tree. He still has some documents of my great grandfather. I am forever grateful to him for making contact over E-mail and any help he will provide for family research.

I am very touched by the e-mail received, as he is not very fluent in english and so we use a translator from German to English.  Gunter went on to say he was very happy about my contact with him and his partner and he still has some documents of Erna's father, my great-grandfather.

As Erna died, they thought the contact with their English relatives would end, but since there is such a possibility to translate, Gunter and his partner also talk to my aunt Kristina. Erna my grandmother, was always the link/binding member between the German and English side. She was the best sister to Gunter. Erna had always informed our German relatives about all the news in the family. I know Gunter misses them, my grandfather Harry included. Sad when she and harry for health reasons could not visit in Germany anymore. It was a good time. They all had a lot of fun together and laughed very much.

The best bit of the E-mail, was when Gunter wrote the following passage.
"To you, dear Ria, we can still remember well. You are not alien to us. When we were in 1990
Erna and Harry in Ipswich, you were still a little girl. You got into yours
Pretty dress like a princess. Erna has always sent us photos of her
Grandchildren. She was very proud of you all." 

It made me tear up a little.

I was very young when I moved away with my husband to America(My parents and Aunt are in England). I can not always visit my mother on the weekend. it was not easy for me and there are certain tears that came with such a big decision. But I love my husband I wouldn't have been without him. And now we want to buy a house in Texas. I hope sometime this year we find something suitable.

And with this said, I made and sent a card to him to say Thankyou.

The card message reads 

 Lieber Onkel Helmut und Tante Edeltraud, Deine Betrachtung ist ein Geschenk, das ich immer schätze. Manchmal sind die einfachsten Dinge am meisten. Ich freue mich darauf, den Stammbaum mit eurer Hilfe auszustoßen.

Viel Liebe


translated to English.

Dear Uncle Helmut and Aunt Edeltraud,
 Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure. 
Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. 
I look forward to expanding the family tree with your help.

Much Love


My German is broken and sometimes I do need the help from the Google Translator and my German friends. I hope he likes the card.

*Photo My Grandmother Erna and her husband Harry, with Erna's brother Helmut.*

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