Saturday, February 4, 2017

Incoming/Outgoing Mail 2.4.2017

Incoming : 2.4.2017
A beautiful dream catcher note card from Jae and the Month of letters postcards I ordered from Zazzle.
Outgoing: 3 artwork cards. One to Romania, Massachusetts and one to Germany.
I'm sending the dreams right back to Jae in Mass.

I've always loved dream catchers and somehow I secretly think Jae just knew. They have been around for over 1000 years and come in all different shapes and sizes. Did you know you can now buy belly rings, lamp shades, earrings and clothes all in the shape and style of dream catchers! I'm one of over 300,000 people a month who search for information on dream catchers, with 17 million being sold every year.

I love the postcards from Zazzle for the month of letters. I did think for a moment the red ink looks like blood drops when viewed close up. Still the owner of Lettermo did point out that for something that is about being off the internet, the website costs a surprising amount to maintain. So buy supporting Lettermo through their patreon will help.

Have a wonderful evening 
MAC's Wife

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