Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Friendship Books

Hi all *Waves* Good morning.

I just wanted to touch base a little bit about friendship books. A few people have asked me what they are, though relatively new to me, I think I learned quite quickly what they are all about.  In simple terms a friendship book are small booklets, varying in size and/or shape that are made by stapling paper together, sometimes just sheets or strips of paper, but I prefer the books myself. 

The friendship books are usually decorated and the person who starts the book, writes their name and address at the beginning as the first person sending the book. You can always tell when you receive the books via the mail, those that quickly put something together or those that take the time to produce quality fbs. I am particularly drawn to the ones that look well presentable with nice covers and are sturdy. I do not accept flimsy paper sheets and will often pass on to someone else. 

Ideally they were designed that people could meet new penpals from all over the world, but also a way to let others know what your swapping preferences are, and if you are willing to receive FB's, Label bags and Decos etc you can list it in the book.

With a few basic items you can make 1 or 10 books as you choose. Envelopes and stamps to mail them out, but to make the FB's , sheets of patterned paper, a stapler, and some nice pens. You can choose to decorate the cover with a printed picture, design the cover yourself using your own artwork, or simply add stickers. A FB(abbreviation) can be made by taking some sheets of paper and staple them in to a small book. I prefer to use plain white or colored paper for the pages inside and a nice patterned paper for the front and back cover.

A little information that belongs in the friendship book before you send it on its way.
on the inside front cover write:


Friendship Book
for ( name and address of owner) 
if you are making it for a friend 
By (makers name and address)

Or Friendship book
for and by (owners name and address)


You can then write a little about yourself about the type of pen pal you want, listing your age and/or month and day of birth(optional), your hobbies etc. when you have created these books pass on to a pen pal, or someone you know that will also add their information to the book. They will use one of the blank pages and pass it on. When the book is full it is always returned home to the owner. Address labels come in very handy for adding to the book then you can just write a little bit about yourself underneath the label. You can expect to receive a completed FB back in as little as a month, but sometimes they can take a year or more.

Who wants to swap some and/or have a go at making some of their own? See my example in this post. you can see the very first fb's i made, on the first day of the month of letters here:

Another example: made by Ruth Feiertag, another Month of Letters participant


  1. I've popped a couple of FBs in the post to you today.

  2. I'm always searching for nice Friendship Books swapper

    1. @Jenny if you can send me an email with your address, I will be happy to swap nice fb's with you. I hope you are having a good week so far.