Monday, February 6, 2017

Artwork Envelope-Combined effort-Anyone?

Artwork envelope-combined effort...
create an Artwork envelope together, a combined effort and sent through the mail by all of us and then back home to me when completed. I will post the artwork cover of our attempt up on my blog for all to see.

Basically you can use any medium you like. There’s all kinds of art out there, including drawing, painting.

If there is a theme please try to follow it if you can.
things that would be acceptable
* Drawing ● Pencil ● Colored pencil ● Ink ● Markers ● Pastels ● Chalk
* Painting ● Watercolor ● Acrylic ● Oil ●
* Mixed Media ● Collage ● Assemblage ● Other media mixed together!
* Printmaking ● Linocut ● Woodcut ● Etching ● etc

What makes it all the more interesting, is once you have added your piece to the envelope, you must affix stamps and address label and send it on to the next person. All names and addresses will be listed on the backside of the envelope.

Any questions please ask.
Looking for my willing participants now? thanks
I was once part of the Art Cover Exchange and this is where the idea first generated.
I don't know what made me think of starting the Collabor-covers. Working with other people sounded like fun, and you gain so many art styles on one cover.

The Example shown was started by myself and i drew the tiger tattoo design!

My definiton of a collabor-cover is:

True collaboration where a group of us, or at least two people have taken the time to work together to create a finished cover using collage, water colors, oils, pen and pencil drawings etc that represent what we have painted or drawn. Recycled materials, textile scraps or some crafting supplies thrown in to the mix. Add address, attach stamp and mail it to the next person.

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