Thursday, February 2, 2017

Artwork Cards

Hi All *Waves* Good Morning!

There are mornings like today, when the kids have headed off to school, that I just want to get out my sharpies, decorating chalks, among other materials and just spend a few hours creating Artwork cards. I was inspired by some bright colored flowers I found on my walk today. I had an idea that I could make different sized works to turn in to beautiful cards and send to various people in need of some cheer, or simply just to say hi. I would much rather share my artwork with someone, than keep it for myself.

In the past years I used to create Artist trading cards, roughly the size of baseball cards, years ago and they were a bit hit. I was even involved in swaps via Atcsforall. As time passed by, I felt the need to change up my work a bit and expanded to larger sized works. I was simply not as interested in ATC's anymore and I couldn't commit to swap deadlines and such so I stopped.

There are occasions when I send a card to a soldier deployed, an elderly man or women, or just circumstances that prevent an individual from writing back or thanking me somehow. But it is great that my kindness and good deeds can make someone else's entire day. I like to carry out my kindness daily and know that 'because of me someone smiled'.

I like caring for others, especially my friends and family and elderly residents. There was a moment when my family and I were living in North Dakota, It was a very harsh winter and the temperature was dreadfully cold with the snow. My mom called me on the phone to check we were all ok, as we were stuck in for a few days because we couldn't get out of our house(from the snow piled up) and the roads were too icy. Mom suggested I call some of the friends around us to make sure they were ok and didn't need anything. What a great idea. from this point on I always carried out a good deed daily.

I've done other things like when it's summer and hot, have set out cold gatorades to the mail carrier and garbage men. When it's freezing outside, my youngest daughter and I offered hot chocolate to the crossing guards at the school, police officers and others.  I know I can do things for those that live close by, but I can also do things for those that live in another state and country, simply by putting something in the mailbox. I'll add more to this post as I create the cards but for now I am going to get these in the mail to the recipients.

Here are a few photos of them:

Feb 2nd Incoming Mail: 0
Outgoing Mail : 10
including 1 reply that I received yesterday.

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