Monday, February 6, 2017

60th birthday request

Let's help create an uplifting, inspirational birthday!
"I have a friend who's birthday is coming up on Feb 15. Her parents have both passed away, mom a few years ago, is a single, retired catholic elementary school teacher, lives with brother who is also alone. She still mourns her mother and has trouble moving on, especially being in the house. On special occasions she is sad there is "no one left" to celebrate with. She's turning the 60 milestone this time, so it would be special if some unexpected wishes, positive or uplifting messages were sent to her. I am hoping that maybe this might lead to a start for herself to reach out to others too. Thank you."
Send mail to :
Ms Michelina 
c/o 270 Scarlett Road, Suite 1406
Toronto ON M6N 4X7

If you haven't checked out the Comfort and Joy page on facebook then you should.
This page is for all non-elderly adult card requests. If there is an adult in your life that could use card encouragement for any reason, please message through the page and the page owner will get the request sent out. Please take a look at Comfort and Joy and join us! 

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