Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Well a Month of Letters officially finished today for 2017. It will return Feb 2018. I feel especially great about it, though I didn't report to the site everyday how many mail pieces were outgoing. I successfully sent out an item everyday the mail ran. That makes 104 letters, postcards, mailer's postmarks and packages combined for Feb. 154 since January 1st. I still plan to keep it up but usually I average about 50 in one month.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day- Mailers Postmark

Valentine's Day card using Mailers Postmarks
Randolph AFB, Texas 78150
Minot AFB, North Dakota 58704
Mailer's Postmark Permit #1

Did you know that you can cancel your own mail? I've been able to do this for 3-4 years now with a free permit and an inexpensive rubber stamp, the USPS will allow you to cancel your own mail. I love adding a personal touch to my outgoing mail and it is fun. For the stamp collectors out there, it insures that the covers they receive has neat, properly placed and clean postmarks on the envelope.

It was easy to get approved. you have to complete an application for the postal service to approve- a form 3615, then it has to be approved by the local postmaster. In obtaining a Mailers Postmark you have to follow the instructions carefully. And when applying, it is recommended to already have your postmark stamp, as they will need an actual example to keep it on file. Along with the application I included such letter example.

The official application form can be found at the following link : 

Yes, your cancel design has to follow certain guidelines as specified on the above mentioned paperwork. You can not produce anything fancy. This is all according to the dealings I have had with my post office and through email communications with other Mailers Postmark members in the past. This is to the best of my knowledge. I may not be 100 % accurate on all counts- its just from memory.

You can see my approval I received from the postmaster at Randolph AFB, Texas. It was approved 8 Dec 2015. 

There are various people who make the Mailer's Postmark rubber stamp, but in the past I have dealt with Bill at the Olathe Poste.

It should also be noted that covers canceled with a MPP only can be mailed at the office whose postmaster approved the form. It must match the city named in the cancel. Each mail piece has to be taken to the window at the same P.O that approved you. And you have to do this everytime you use your cancel and want to send it through the mail stream, you can't just drop them in the mailbox.

Artwork card of my Idol Phil Collins.

Just showing you a selection of artwork cards I've made recently. I do love drawing!

Friendship Books for Jeanette and Anna

A few friendship books I made this morning for Jeanette in New Zealand. They will be making their way to Sarah Guthrie in Scotland. I look forward to their journey and hope they make their way back to Jeanette when full. I'd love to see some examples if you have also made some friendship books.

In recent days I've also made a few for Anna Brooker.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A few favorite postcards

Dorothy and Sid changed my life forever meeting them through family tree. They live in Ampthill and we recently made contact.

I received this postcard from melissa in NY.
kershaw park located on the north shore of canandaigua lake is one of the most beautiful parks in the finger lakes region. A winter walk along the parks shore line will have many stunning views.

From my friend cindy in LA. her friendship is a blessing. a longtime friend of 8 years.

I received this postcard from Melissa in NY. Taughannock falls, 215 feet tall at Taughannock falls state park. Trumansburg, NY

Sunday, February 12, 2017

There are so many clever people making art mail.

There are so many clever people making art mail.

Amazingly detailed art mail from 1868

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

David Bowie artwork card

My artwork card of David Bowie.

David Bowie forever
Rest in peace. Forever missed.

Collabor-Cover created

The collabor-cover is underway.
I added my artwork and sent it on to Petrini.
I am super excited to see as a joint effort
what the completed cover looks like .
Petrini and Sara are working this cover with me.
Watch this space!

Jane Austen Postcard- Expect a most agreeable letter

Jane Austen was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction.
She earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature.
I received a postcard from Lana, a Month of Letters participant of one of Austens works.

“Expect a most agreeable letter, for not being overburdened with subject (having nothing at all to say), there shall be no check to my genius from beginning to end.”

Friendship Books

Hi all *Waves* Good morning.

I just wanted to touch base a little bit about friendship books. A few people have asked me what they are, though relatively new to me, I think I learned quite quickly what they are all about.  In simple terms a friendship book are small booklets, varying in size and/or shape that are made by stapling paper together, sometimes just sheets or strips of paper, but I prefer the books myself. 

The friendship books are usually decorated and the person who starts the book, writes their name and address at the beginning as the first person sending the book. You can always tell when you receive the books via the mail, those that quickly put something together or those that take the time to produce quality fbs. I am particularly drawn to the ones that look well presentable with nice covers and are sturdy. I do not accept flimsy paper sheets and will often pass on to someone else. 

Ideally they were designed that people could meet new penpals from all over the world, but also a way to let others know what your swapping preferences are, and if you are willing to receive FB's, Label bags and Decos etc you can list it in the book.

With a few basic items you can make 1 or 10 books as you choose. Envelopes and stamps to mail them out, but to make the FB's , sheets of patterned paper, a stapler, and some nice pens. You can choose to decorate the cover with a printed picture, design the cover yourself using your own artwork, or simply add stickers. A FB(abbreviation) can be made by taking some sheets of paper and staple them in to a small book. I prefer to use plain white or colored paper for the pages inside and a nice patterned paper for the front and back cover.

A little information that belongs in the friendship book before you send it on its way.
on the inside front cover write:


Friendship Book
for ( name and address of owner) 
if you are making it for a friend 
By (makers name and address)

Or Friendship book
for and by (owners name and address)


You can then write a little about yourself about the type of pen pal you want, listing your age and/or month and day of birth(optional), your hobbies etc. when you have created these books pass on to a pen pal, or someone you know that will also add their information to the book. They will use one of the blank pages and pass it on. When the book is full it is always returned home to the owner. Address labels come in very handy for adding to the book then you can just write a little bit about yourself underneath the label. You can expect to receive a completed FB back in as little as a month, but sometimes they can take a year or more.

Who wants to swap some and/or have a go at making some of their own? See my example in this post. you can see the very first fb's i made, on the first day of the month of letters here:

Another example: made by Ruth Feiertag, another Month of Letters participant

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tea-rrific Tea cards

For a couple friends
That like tea.
who doesn't like tea?
I collect tea bags of all kinds and flavors!

A card for Mom

Moms deserve more thanks and recognition than you could ever fit into one day. Lots more. There must be a million reasons to say “I love you, Mom,” but just because there are too many to list doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make a start.

I am asking my snailmail and MailArt loving friends to share 100 reasons they love their mom.Go!
You can comment at the bottom of this post. There are many reasons why I love my mom, but She’s the one who makes birthdays and holidays happy. So Even though I live in another country, she’s there for me.  I thought it was time to send a little love across the miles!

I miss England a lot sometimes, my family, and especially the English traditions, that I try to incorporate into my own family. She gave me the recipes for the things I make all the time now. 

 Good examples are : things like eating a traditional roast dinner on a sunday, fish and chips or eating a full english breakfast. I seem to have an avid interests in the weather at all times. I dunk my biscuits in tea, I probably send way more mail than anyone else in my family and I love it when I get cards in the mail. My mom is proud of her garden, and I will be too when I buy my own house. We have this thing about getting the strawberries and cream out to watch wimbledon. 

In March 2016 I was in England and spent a day in London I enjoyed travelling by the red buses in London and a river boat cruise on the Thames!

More next time


MAC's Wife.

Snailmail Sent and a request

I'll update throughout the day.

4 valentine's cards to
Georgina, Allan, Cindy and Jennifer

More valentine's day cards x 4

Request for comforting cards:
"On Dec 2nd my oldest daughter, who is almost 16, lost her best friend and boyfriend to a tragic accident. I would like to request some cards of comfort, as valentines day approaches which also happens to be his birthday. My daughter Amber is a very loving, sweet individual and I know it will do her heart good to know that there are others who care." Thank you!
Please send caring cards to:
Amber Cabral 
2113 Dorman Dr. 
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Hunter Michael Thornton 1999-2016


Total outgoing: 9
Incoming: 2

new things.

New goodies I've picked up 
have you gotten any nice supplies recently?
got a deal on Amazon. I want to get into smash booking again
it's been about 4 years. is there anyone else who also smashes?
Its a great way to capture different memories of life right now,
but doesn't take as much time as what scrap booking can do.
It is a delightfully simplified way to record life's special moments without the time commitment.
The best news-you can start today!
I'd love very much to see examples of pages you've created or ideas on what to smash about.

These are just lovely!

These are just lovely!
Just click the link

11 Amazing Thank You Notes From Famous People

Creative & unusual artwork with postage stamps.

How gorgeous is this? I can't stop staring at the detail!

Two things I like very much, stamps & the color blue.
Images found on snailmailcool on facebook.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Mims is turning 100- Incoming/Outgoing

Hello friends,
Another request and this one is a special one.
from a friend asking for a card shower for this lady's 100th birthday.
I have done a print screen of the original post taken from Facebook and also saw it posted on a Month of letters

Friends both on FB & Public,
Requesting a CARD SHOWER for my Dear Friend Mims
who is turning 100 on Feb. 24th 2017.
We are hoping she receives at least 100 cards, notes,
letters or postcards. 
She loves hummingbirds.
Mims is amazing, witty, interesting & sharp as a tack.
Loves snail mail. Please send if you can to mark her special
day & help make it even more special. You can start sending right away.
I have already sent some. Pls put Joan along with your return address
so she doesn’t get spooked receiving mail from ones she doesn’t
know. And if your looking for a pen pal Mims is the one 🙂
Thanking you in advance, God Bless, Love & FB Hugs, Joan 🙂 <3

2310 Ninth Ave #128
Longmont, CO. 80503

Here is my card to her. I think I am also going to ask her if she wants a penpal :)

Outgoing mail: 8
Incoming 3
Thankyou to my penpal Debra, Natalie and Ruth.

I've rejoined the Art Cover Exchange again. It promotes art, philately, friendship and correspondence with its members. The special emphasis of the group is the artistic presentation of postal covers for exchange.

My incoming mail : A great mail day

Natalie sent me the lovely postcard by 
Charles Rennie Mackintosh 
(Scottish , 1868-1928). 
She knows my love of art.
Bouquet, C 1918-1920
Watercolor, 31x 29 cm (sight)
Glasgow school of art

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a scottish architect, designer, water colorist and artist. His artistic approach has much in common with European Symbolism.

Artwork Envelope-Combined effort-Anyone?

Artwork envelope-combined effort...
create an Artwork envelope together, a combined effort and sent through the mail by all of us and then back home to me when completed. I will post the artwork cover of our attempt up on my blog for all to see.

Basically you can use any medium you like. There’s all kinds of art out there, including drawing, painting.

If there is a theme please try to follow it if you can.
things that would be acceptable
* Drawing ● Pencil ● Colored pencil ● Ink ● Markers ● Pastels ● Chalk
* Painting ● Watercolor ● Acrylic ● Oil ●
* Mixed Media ● Collage ● Assemblage ● Other media mixed together!
* Printmaking ● Linocut ● Woodcut ● Etching ● etc

What makes it all the more interesting, is once you have added your piece to the envelope, you must affix stamps and address label and send it on to the next person. All names and addresses will be listed on the backside of the envelope.

Any questions please ask.
Looking for my willing participants now? thanks
I was once part of the Art Cover Exchange and this is where the idea first generated.
I don't know what made me think of starting the Collabor-covers. Working with other people sounded like fun, and you gain so many art styles on one cover.

The Example shown was started by myself and i drew the tiger tattoo design!

My definiton of a collabor-cover is:

True collaboration where a group of us, or at least two people have taken the time to work together to create a finished cover using collage, water colors, oils, pen and pencil drawings etc that represent what we have painted or drawn. Recycled materials, textile scraps or some crafting supplies thrown in to the mix. Add address, attach stamp and mail it to the next person.

60th birthday request

Let's help create an uplifting, inspirational birthday!
"I have a friend who's birthday is coming up on Feb 15. Her parents have both passed away, mom a few years ago, is a single, retired catholic elementary school teacher, lives with brother who is also alone. She still mourns her mother and has trouble moving on, especially being in the house. On special occasions she is sad there is "no one left" to celebrate with. She's turning the 60 milestone this time, so it would be special if some unexpected wishes, positive or uplifting messages were sent to her. I am hoping that maybe this might lead to a start for herself to reach out to others too. Thank you."
Send mail to :
Ms Michelina 
c/o 270 Scarlett Road, Suite 1406
Toronto ON M6N 4X7

If you haven't checked out the Comfort and Joy page on facebook then you should.
This page is for all non-elderly adult card requests. If there is an adult in your life that could use card encouragement for any reason, please message through the page and the page owner will get the request sent out. Please take a look at Comfort and Joy and join us! 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl 2017- GO PATRIOTS!!

Big day today the super bowl.
 5.30 PM on FOX
NGR Stadium, Houston, Texas
Patriots vs Falcons

 I made a card for Mike . I loved giving him the card when he woke up this morning.
What team are you supporting this year?

CONGRATS on another Superbowl win!!! It was well deserved!!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Incoming/Outgoing Mail 2.4.2017

Incoming : 2.4.2017
A beautiful dream catcher note card from Jae and the Month of letters postcards I ordered from Zazzle.
Outgoing: 3 artwork cards. One to Romania, Massachusetts and one to Germany.
I'm sending the dreams right back to Jae in Mass.

I've always loved dream catchers and somehow I secretly think Jae just knew. They have been around for over 1000 years and come in all different shapes and sizes. Did you know you can now buy belly rings, lamp shades, earrings and clothes all in the shape and style of dream catchers! I'm one of over 300,000 people a month who search for information on dream catchers, with 17 million being sold every year.

I love the postcards from Zazzle for the month of letters. I did think for a moment the red ink looks like blood drops when viewed close up. Still the owner of Lettermo did point out that for something that is about being off the internet, the website costs a surprising amount to maintain. So buy supporting Lettermo through their patreon will help.

Have a wonderful evening 
MAC's Wife

My Great Uncle in Germany


I would like to introduce you to my Great-Uncle Helmut who was born in 1938 and lives in Germany. I am feeling wonderful. Today I received an e-mail from Helmut, my grandmother Erna's brother. I am a genealogy enthusiast. Helmut said it is nice that I am interested in my German relatives and if they can help, they would like to fill the gaps in the family tree. He still has some documents of my great grandfather. I am forever grateful to him for making contact over E-mail and any help he will provide for family research.

I am very touched by the e-mail received, as he is not very fluent in english and so we use a translator from German to English.  Gunter went on to say he was very happy about my contact with him and his partner and he still has some documents of Erna's father, my great-grandfather.

As Erna died, they thought the contact with their English relatives would end, but since there is such a possibility to translate, Gunter and his partner also talk to my aunt Kristina. Erna my grandmother, was always the link/binding member between the German and English side. She was the best sister to Gunter. Erna had always informed our German relatives about all the news in the family. I know Gunter misses them, my grandfather Harry included. Sad when she and harry for health reasons could not visit in Germany anymore. It was a good time. They all had a lot of fun together and laughed very much.

The best bit of the E-mail, was when Gunter wrote the following passage.
"To you, dear Ria, we can still remember well. You are not alien to us. When we were in 1990
Erna and Harry in Ipswich, you were still a little girl. You got into yours
Pretty dress like a princess. Erna has always sent us photos of her
Grandchildren. She was very proud of you all." 

It made me tear up a little.

I was very young when I moved away with my husband to America(My parents and Aunt are in England). I can not always visit my mother on the weekend. it was not easy for me and there are certain tears that came with such a big decision. But I love my husband I wouldn't have been without him. And now we want to buy a house in Texas. I hope sometime this year we find something suitable.

And with this said, I made and sent a card to him to say Thankyou.

The card message reads 

 Lieber Onkel Helmut und Tante Edeltraud, Deine Betrachtung ist ein Geschenk, das ich immer schätze. Manchmal sind die einfachsten Dinge am meisten. Ich freue mich darauf, den Stammbaum mit eurer Hilfe auszustoßen.

Viel Liebe


translated to English.

Dear Uncle Helmut and Aunt Edeltraud,
 Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure. 
Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. 
I look forward to expanding the family tree with your help.

Much Love


My German is broken and sometimes I do need the help from the Google Translator and my German friends. I hope he likes the card.

*Photo My Grandmother Erna and her husband Harry, with Erna's brother Helmut.*