Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Well a Month of Letters officially finished today for 2017. It will return Feb 2018. I feel especially great about it, though I didn't report to the site everyday how many mail pieces were outgoing. I successfully sent out an item everyday the mail ran. That makes 104 letters, postcards, mailer's postmarks and packages combined for Feb. 154 since January 1st. I still plan to keep it up but usually I average about 50 in one month.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day- Mailers Postmark

Valentine's Day card using Mailers Postmarks
Randolph AFB, Texas 78150
Minot AFB, North Dakota 58704
Mailer's Postmark Permit #1

Did you know that you can cancel your own mail? I've been able to do this for 3-4 years now with a free permit and an inexpensive rubber stamp, the USPS will allow you to cancel your own mail. I love adding a personal touch to my outgoing mail and it is fun. For the stamp collectors out there, it insures that the covers they receive has neat, properly placed and clean postmarks on the envelope.

It was easy to get approved. you have to complete an application for the postal service to approve- a form 3615, then it has to be approved by the local postmaster. In obtaining a Mailers Postmark you have to follow the instructions carefully. And when applying, it is recommended to already have your postmark stamp, as they will need an actual example to keep it on file. Along with the application I included such letter example.

The official application form can be found at the following link : 

Yes, your cancel design has to follow certain guidelines as specified on the above mentioned paperwork. You can not produce anything fancy. This is all according to the dealings I have had with my post office and through email communications with other Mailers Postmark members in the past. This is to the best of my knowledge. I may not be 100 % accurate on all counts- its just from memory.

You can see my approval I received from the postmaster at Randolph AFB, Texas. It was approved 8 Dec 2015. 

There are various people who make the Mailer's Postmark rubber stamp, but in the past I have dealt with Bill at the Olathe Poste.

It should also be noted that covers canceled with a MPP only can be mailed at the office whose postmaster approved the form. It must match the city named in the cancel. Each mail piece has to be taken to the window at the same P.O that approved you. And you have to do this everytime you use your cancel and want to send it through the mail stream, you can't just drop them in the mailbox.

Artwork card of my Idol Phil Collins.

Just showing you a selection of artwork cards I've made recently. I do love drawing!